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The ghost type gym leader?

I played this game before but I had a problem with the Elete Four but I started a new game but I'm now fighting the Hearthome city gym leader. So someone please Help?

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Kraleck answered:

What Pokemon do you have? Recommendations are:
--Crobat with Bite
--Luxio with Bite
--Cranidos (must have an odd final digit in your Trainer ID# to find Skull Fossils) with Earthquake (Mold Breaker Ability will make it ignore the Levitate Ability of all of Fantina's Pokemon)
--Alakazam (remember that you need to Trade to Evolve Kadabra) with Psybeam
--Gabite (can get Gible as soon as you can leave Eterna City via Cycling Road) with Dragon Rage and Sandstorm
--Your Starter with Bite (Grotle), Flame Wheel (Monferno), or Metal Claw and Bubblebeam (Prinplup)

Remember that Physical Attacks will hit Fantina's Pokemon harder than Special ones will.
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FrozenTime answered:

Just use moves that are super effective against ghosts (dark, ghost), and make sure your team's levels are at least on the same levels as the gym leader's team.
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link5642 answered:

Her drifblim just have a dark/ice/rock/electric type to deal with it.for her mismagius, it has really low defense and special defense, so use something like ramparados or staraptor(if you got starly or cranidos they should be fully evolved) with really good attack. For her gengar, it is really weak to psychic so use an alakazam or whatever psychic you have.
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Kraleck answered:

Platinum Version's Fantina doesn't have a Drifblim, link5642. She has a Duskull, a Haunter, and a Mismagius.
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