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Is this a good team and moveset for the elite 4 and champion for the first time?

My team is a lvl 61 lucario with drain punch, aura sphere, dragon pulse, and rock climb, lvl 48 glacion with blizzard, ice fang, hail, and strength, lvl 61 infernoape with mach punch, fire blitz, fury swipes, and shadow claw, lvl 52 garitina with heal block, fly, dragon claw, and shadow force, lvl 50 staraptor with defog, fly, steal wing and wing attack, and a lvl 45 haunter with payback, shadow ball, dream eater, and dark pulse. and by the way do you have any sudgestions on how and where to train the pokemon under lvl 60?

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Oh yeah and if you have some sugestions on new pokemon and moves your free to tell me!

Sweetestpixie provided additional details:

Ive been having troubles lvling them because i cant find any one with pokemon highenough lvls that give enough exp so they can lvl......

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MC_BatCommander answered:

Your team should do fine. If you encounter problems, simply level up more and try again.
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