Question from tessann21

What do I do after winning the 7th gym badge?

I'm lost.

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jdog72601 answered:

GO to all the lakes if you haven't already. Then go to veilstone city and talk to grunt outside galactic hq- looker will come and show you the works key. Then go into the warehouse- Looker will follow you. Navigate through until you find a galactic key. Then leave and go to galactic hq. Navigate through there until you get to cyrus's office. Beat him, get the master ball, free the pokemon, beat saturn, and leave. Then head to spear pillar. You get there through orebourgh city's entrance into mt. coronet. Beat Mars and Jupiter in a double battle, then follow cyrus into the distortion world. Once you navigate through the distirtion world, beat cyrus, catch giratina, and leave. Now you can go to Sunnyshore city which is east of lake Valor. Beat the gym leader, then head to victory road. Navigate through victory road to get to the pokemon league. Beat the pokemon league, complete your sinnoh pokedex, and advamce to the survival are!
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ghostpok answered:

Go to Acuity Lakefront.
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