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Where can I find EXP share?

Its impossible for my starly to fight,where can i get EXP share?

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TranquilSea answered:

You can get it at the gate house while leaving Eterna City.
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spitllama answered:

ALSO, you have the option of obtaining more in the Jubilife TV center (assuming this game still has that.... I don't have this game yet) if you go up to the counter she will compare trainer ID #s on pokemon to a random card she draws. If (I believe 4) digits match, you get another experience share. I really apologize if this is incorrect. But then yes, in the gate house as well.
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Coleian answered:

You can get the Exp. Share by having seen 35 pokemon and you get it from the Prof.'s assistant in the gate to the cycling road.
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lDeathFirel answered:

Must have seen at least 35 Pokemons, go to the bottom gate of the cycling road, a professor will be there, talk to him and you will obtain the EXP Share.
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