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Where can see porygon2?


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kev09 answered:

There is a trainer in route 216 with one.
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nerdindisguise answered:

It's not available in the wild, I don't remember where I saw mine. You should either:
A. Find any trainer you haven't beaten and see if they have it.
B. Evolve a porygon yourself.
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jashasabluelati answered:

If you got Porygon, try to get an Up-Grade item which can be found in Eterna Galactic Building or get from Prof.Oak ( after visiting pal park ) then you may trade in Pokemon Center holding Porygon an Up-Grade after trading Porygon evolved into Porygon2.
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sudowoodo9 answered:

In Pokemon Platinum, go to Veilstone City. In one of the northernmost houses a guy will give you a Porygon if you have a slot free in your party. Get an Up-Grade from the Team Galactic building in Eterna City. Trade the Porygon and have it hold the Up-Grade. It will evolve into Porygon2. If you want to go a step further, go to Rt. 225 and get the Dubious Disc. Have Porygon2 hold the Dubious Disc and trade it. Then it will evolve into Porygon-Z, a powerful Pokemon with a high Special Attack stat.
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HappySmile72 answered:

Veilstone. In a house with a husband and wife.He will give you a cute Porygon.Go to Eterna and in the Galactic Building to get an upgrade. Give it to (Porygon's name inserthere) and trade back and forth with a friend.
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homesmasher answered:

U can see one on route 116 its level 40 and it is weak ugenst water,fire, and rock I know the weakneses because I have one of my one I evolved it at 86 with Up-Grade i hope this can help you

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Aloyasha answered:

Go To FAQS And Look For Pokemon Locations And Something It Tells You There.
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