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Can you catch Mew before the National Dex?

Where can you find Mew if you can get it before you get the national dex

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random_6487 answered:

If you have a Wii and several Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, you can load 1000 pokemon into Pokemon Wii Ranch and then it will trade you a Mew for an egg. Pokemon Wii Ranch is available on the online store (requires internet connection to the Wii).
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K_M_N_H_ answered:

The only way to get Mew into a Platinum game before the National Dex is to trade with a Diamond/Pearl game that already have a Mew. You can also Pal Park with R/S/E/FR/LG if they obtained the Mew events, but that is post-National Dex.
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KamNivlek answered:

You can't 'catch' Mew. Period.
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SharrkyxxCHBC answered:

mew is only obtainable in a Nintendo event for Pokemon Emerald
witch you can transfer over using the pal park
but you need the national dex to do so
soo basicly unless you have a action replay
you cant
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