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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get the other two starters with out trading or haking?

In pokemon yellow you where able to ge the other starters from people and not have to trade . In this game can you get the other 2 starters without trading or hakong?

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From: pokemonyugioh 5 years ago

No, you can only get one starter per game. However, you can breed your starter and trade the hatched ones for the other starters you need over wifi or with a friend.

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STATUS have to either trade with someone else who have the other two starter you didn't pick.

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Only through trade from Diamond/Pearl or Platinum AND hacking, but other than those two, you cannot get two of the starters.

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No you cant

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Nope only 1 starter per game

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So far I haven't found a way but I'm working on it.

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No, sorry.

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Nope sorry

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Cannot get two or all started but only battle for can obtain in pokedex. Trade only you can get another started. For breed, breed with ditto. Please no hacking!

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Yes, you can if you have a Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, two DS's, and about an hour. Start by starting the game you want to send the starter Pokemon from, and play it until you get your starter Pokemon and to the first Pokemon center, then turn on the other game, go to the Union Room in both games, and talk to yourself. Be sure to have a Pokemon to trade for the starter, then trade, save, and repeat.

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No :/

Only way to get two is to trade or hack.

If you want to do it the honest way you should trade em

If you want it quick go on the board an post a need for a hacker or trader :)

Hope it works out for you :)

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