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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the hm strength?

Where can i find the hm strength cuz i beat the 2nd gym leader and i dont know wat to do next

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From: Gargomon251 5 years ago

Try reading the FAQs

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You're jumping the gun, you know. You don't even get to use Strength outside of battle until you get the 6th badge.

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HM4 Strength can no longer be found in Iron Island. All HM's are basically the same location at before except Strength and Defog. The latter's location is in Solaceon Ruins.

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You don't need hm04 strength that early,but it's location is on Iron Island and Riley gives it to you before you enter the cave

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After defeating the 2nd Gym at Eterna, all you have to do is to save the bicycle shop owner by clearing the Galcatic Eterna HQ(Note: Requires HM01 Cut), then use the bicycle road to get to Hearthome City. (Note: Before you can get to Hearthome City, you must cross a small section of Mount Coronet, which you will need HM 06 Rock Smash to cross) Strength will not be needed as yet and you will only find it on Iron Isle, which is only accessible after getting surf

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Riley gives you it in iron island

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Go to Iron Island and talk to the guy named Riley, then he will give you HM Strength.
You can go to Iron Island from Canalave City.

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