Question from skaterboy5050

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the Gracidea Flower?

I have a Shaymin my friend got, and the lady still won't give me the Gracidea Flower, whats up?

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From: giratina1995 5 years ago

it has to be the tru Shaymin i did it with mine and it worked

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Is the Shaymin in your team? I brought it over in my team and got my Gracidea easily.

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Maybe because the event Shaymin must been trasspased into your game by the event, if the shaymin is traded to you but you dont get it by receiving the mystery gift in the Nintendo official event the gracidea flower in-game event will not be activated.
Luck With that

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It has to be the event Shaymin.
Any Shaymin can benefit from the Gracidea Flower, but only the event Shaymin can convince the lady to give you one.

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if you have a shaymin in your party, talk to the girl next to the pokemon center in Floaroma town. if youbrought your shaymin with you she will say she has a lot of them so she will give one to you its in the key items pocket

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If you have shaymen in yur oarty for to the blonde haired girl in Floarma town and she'll give you it.

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You have to talk to the womn betwen 7am to 8pm, shaymin cannot be frozen

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Go to, i'm going to put new information.

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it Actually doesn't have to be the tru shaymin

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