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How can I control the gender of eggs that are hatched?

I'm trying to get a female Riolu. I need to know if what it will hatch into is determined as soon as you get the egg, or will it be different on each hatching? Would I have to save before I get the egg or can I save before it hatches?

BadgermanOfDoom provided additional details:

I know it isn't random. 12.5% chance for a female. I just need to know when to save so that I can keep trying for the female.

BadgermanOfDoom provided additional details:

I'm actually gonna try to get the female Riolu from Riley, so I can have it for my E4 team. I'm trying to find if I can save directly before the egg hatches and get different results, or if I have to save before I talk to Riley so the game will generate a different egg.

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CharizardFire answered:

mediafriend is mistaken. The Everstone works for natures, not genders.

The gender is random - if you're hatching a Riolu Egg, Riolu will be female 1/8 of the time.

You will have to save before getting the egg. All details about a Pokemon are determined when you get the egg.
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HALO_3_LORD answered:

I think its random sorry.
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mediafriend answered:

I think if you hold an everstone the gender has a 50% chance of being the same as the parent.
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glitchunter75 answered:

If you're trying to get a female Riolu so can breed some more, they're two things you need to know: you can't breed until Riolu evolves to Lucario (which happens when you level up Riolu at max frienship level), and you can just migrate a Ditto from R/S/FR/LG/E or trade for one, then put that Ditto and a Lucario at the daycare and wait for the egg. Hope this Helps!
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symbiotelover answered:

breed oppasite gender of you want that simple WOW your questions bore me ask me something about evolution
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iownyourgrass answered:

Gender (along with Nature and Ability) is determined when the egg is created. Only IVs are generated when you take the egg from the old man. If you are going for a female, you have to save before the egg is created, and therefore, may as well just take every egg they come up with.

Or, if you're really hardcore, take a look at this thread,, specifically "Exploitation Techniques For Bred Pokemon."
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starknight75 answered:

If you haven't already gotten a female Riolu from Riley, I'd suggest saving before you tackle the last set of grunts before the downward going may have to battle them over and over again--I think I did it about 16 times--but that's the only place, because once you beat them, Riley gives you the egg and leaves.

It took a while, but I was able to get the female Riolu. I got lucky with my Togepi (from Cynthia)--it only took 4 tries.

For any other eggs, I'd suggest saving once right after you deposit the eggs at the Day Care, switch to the Egg Watch App on the Poketch, and save intermittently until an egg is produced. DON'T save after that until you've hatched the egg...that way, if it's not the gender you want, you can reset the game and not have lost too much time.
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