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TRU/Nintendo event-exclusive Pokemon?

Is it possible to get these Pokemon in any way besides using a cheat device, emulation, or trading, if you were never at the events at first?

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OK -- are the Pokemon you get from these "special" events that much better than in-game ones, or are they mostly for bragging rights/Pokedex completion? And in the past, these event-exclusives often become obtainable as the main goal of a console Pokemon -- this happened with Mew, Ho-Oh, and Lugia. Is it possible the most recent super-duper event exclusive, Darkrai, will eventually be obtainable the same way?

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pikablu5rocks answered:

Quick Answer: No
Long Answer:

Unless they re-release the specials at a later time, you can't grab them.

As to your second question: They're mostly for bragging rights since they're banned from tournaments and altogether cheap. The main reason they're given out is for those guys who want to "Catch 'em All!" and be skillful among their gaming community (lol).
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aerowolf2003 answered:

The only way, if you rule those three options out (only first and last are really viable anyway), is to hope that they re-release the events. But that hasn't happened yet, so good luck.
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aerowolf2003 answered:

My original answer still stands, but with the newer information, it's possible, but very least until the next console game comes out. Then? Who knows but Nintendo?
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K_M_N_H_ answered:

Sooner of later those Pokemon will be here. However, it'll be much more troublesome than just simply download the Pokemon at their specific events (Ho-oh, Lugia required Colloseum and XD, Mew/Phione required Ranch).

It has already happened technically. Darkrai/Manaphy were available yet again in Pokemon Ranger 2 (but I think the event is already over). Fear not though because Platinum Japanese have gotten the Member's Pass (Darkrai) via WiFi and Oak's Letter (Shaymin) and Azure Plute (Arceus)are on their way. I'm positive Nintendo of America will do the same sooner or later. So you're in luck.

The only difference between these and the TRU events is that TRU events Shaymin/Regigigas are used as trigger for other in-game events (Gracidea Flower and the Golem Trio), which no other can do without hacking. I hope that helps.
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Kensaya answered:

Oh and by the way, to help you out, Arceus even coming up this summer, better get ready.
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Mudo_1 answered:

Later they MAY make pokemon like darkrai and shaymin available for download on wi-fi just like they did in Japan.
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