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Catching Feebas?

I know that it only appears in 4 random squares in Mt. coronet of the route 211 entrance. My question is, does that include interior squares? And the rarity is 100% once you find the spot is it still possible to get "not even a nibble" in those spots?

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splodeygir answered:

It is all squares in that area... You'll want to fish 3-6 times in each spot to make sure... And the spots randomize at midnight... :) happy hunting!
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kev09 answered:

You need to go in from the Snow piont city side of Mt. Coronet (route 216) then enter it and proceed down the stairs to a lower level to Mt. Coronet. In here will be a huge lake and Feebas will change spots each night. There is a 50% rate that Feebas will be in a square. Use an OLD rod.
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