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I need help finding Garchomp I have looked evarwhere for it

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wolfluver95 answered:

if you only need to see one the pokemon league champion has one but if you want one catch a Gible in wayword cave underneath cycling road or a Gabite in victory road they are usually between lvl 41-43 so you only need to level it up about 7 levels if you catch a lvl 41 or 5 levels if you catch a lvl 43 and its a lot easier than catching a lvl 17 Gible
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DarkDragonSpyro answered:

you get Gible in the Secret Entrance of the Wayward Cave in somewhere below the Cicle Road
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songmaster64 answered:

It depends if you want to own one or get it for your pokedex. The champion is the only trainer with a garchomp. you have to catch a gible in wayward cave and train it to get garchomp
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DiegoGonzalez answered:

You can find a Gabite in the Victory Road in Lv. 41 or Lv.42
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