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How do I properly do safari zone stuff?

How do I properly use the bait and mudballs to ensure a catch in the safari zone? Is there a certain order or something that I throw the mud and bait in before the safari ball?

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mnkysprn answered:

It is easier to catch pkmn in Platinum version Safari Zone than the other versions, I only had 2 pkmn run on me the entire time (Barboach and Yanma). Just focus on using balls and ignore the bait and mud altogether. Try holding the B button when the ball "explodes" and keep holding it until the pkmn is captured.

My entire time in the safari zone the stand in one place strategy also helps conserve the steps you take. Just stand in one place and have your character face different directions without taking a step you will go through the various pkmn that appear in the area you are in.

This is the best way of dealing with ctaching pkmn in the Safari zone, nuff said.
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K_M_N_H_ answered:

I believe throwing mud at the Pokemon will increase the catch rate but the Pokemon is more likely to flee. While throwing bait is the opposite; it will decrease the catch rate but the Pokemon is less likely to flee.
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CharizardFire answered:

Actually, K_M_N_H got it backwards.
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SmashBros96 answered:

K_M_N_H is right, CharizardFire. Mud makes them mad & they will run away easier
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1234hanrik answered:

Just feed 2 throw 1 pokeball and keep repeaing till flee or caught
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1234hanrik answered:

Feed mean throw fruit or bait or what ever it is called
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symbiotelover answered:

NO CHARIZARDFIRE IS RIGHT just ask the two guys in the entrance its different from the others
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El_Schemo answered:

The guy in the game is the one who got it backwards. Mud increases the capture rate, but also increases the likelyness of the Pokemon fleeing. Bait makes them more likely to stay, but harder to catch. I don't even bother with it, I just throw Safari Balls and cross my fingers.
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winzev answered:


I think if u threw bait, it will make you easier to catch, and make it easier to run

Just see if u got thrown by a mud
You must be get mad, and u will become more aggresive to take ur enemy down, so it more difficult to caught, because it always wanna get out of pokeball to show you its angry face
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