Question from greedyracin2007

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get regirock event?

How do you get regirock event (please tell me in detail on how to getting regirock and the other regi pokemon)?

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From: Flaming_Fire619 5 years ago

Well, if you made it to the Regigigas give away at Toys R Us, all you have to do is trade the TRU Regigigas over to Platinum, which will open the areas that hold the Regi. Also, Regigigas that is in the game already becomes open as a Level 1 Pokemon. If you missed the Event, maybe someone will trade you the Event Pokemon you need.

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I could trade you the pokemon

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You need the TRU (Toys R Us) Regigigas for that. Then there will be three caves that hold the Hoenn Regi trio Regirock is in the cave on route 228 (desert north of resort area.) It is at level 30. I hope that helped.

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