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Pokemon help, number 152?

What is number 152 in the sinnoh pokedex?

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SmashBros96 answered:

Rotom. Find it in the Old Chateau in the TV around Midnight
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randomjunk23 answered:

Its rotom its breedablewith ditto you get it at the old chateau between the hours of 8pm and 4 am go to the room with the tv and thunp it rotom will fight you its level 20 and if you kill dont worrie ittl come back the next night its one legend you can fight forever.... mabye use dusk and nest balls to get this little sucker
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andibad answered:

This event only in 8 night and you get one in old chateu. I used my piplup used to weak rotom. I used normal pokeball it work. I get rotom easy no used dusk ball.
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cjm9806 answered:

Its rotom.Find it by examining the T.V. at the Old Chateau from 8pm to 4am.
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