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Where can I get the poffin case?

Where can i get the poffin case?

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DiegoGonzalez answered:

Go to the Pokemon Fan Club in Hearthome, its next to the Apartment in the South, talk to the lady in the corner and she will give you the Poffin Case.
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SmashBros96 answered:

in the house to the right of the pokemon center in Hearthome City
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dillo9000 answered:

Go to the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the Pres. and he will give you one.
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onix109 answered:

It in the fan pokemon house in Heartrome city
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Pieopie15935724 answered:

Go to to the PokeFan club in Hearthome and talk to the president, he will give you one.
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kidseverywhere answered:

in the fan club beside the pokemon center. Talk to the pres. and he will give you one
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coqui_bounty answered:

There is a fan club in heartrome city in the center go there and speak to the women or the old man (don't remember) but it's in there u get it from
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