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Is the feebas in this version are different?

Did someone notice that the feebas here are easier to catch an has a different method...?

avernus12 provided additional details:

Yes, I answered my question because I was wondering if the feebas here are different...
As you see... the rarity index from the different versions here as follows...

Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald-Ultra Rare-Route 119-"random six tiles if trendy phrase changes"
Diamond/Pearl-Ultra Rare-Mt. Coronet -"fish with super rod"
Platinum-Interact-Mt. Coronet Fog Room-"fish with old/good/super rod"

Isn't different that the method here in platinum version are a bit weird???
Interact??? How is that gonna happen???

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Bulbafreak answered:

I'm pretty sure its the same. I'm not sure where you got your information, but I'm pretty sure Feebas can be found on six random tiles in that one room in Mt. Coronet.
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OoItsMatt answered:

It is very hard to catch feebas from reading something i read that you can only get feebas in mt. cornet in the basement of it and that the fishing spot changes and there are only 4 fishing spots there so if you have a lot of time look for it and you need to fish for it with a old rod so good luck.
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Crystal_Kyuubi answered:

There are four fishing tiles in said room which change on a daily basis. Back in R/S/E, you could change the tiles whenever you wanted to, so it was actually easier back then...In D/P/P you'd have to search for it all in a day.

If you have any of the Hoenn region games, I'd suggest searching for Feebas in one of those instead and migrating it. If not, either get a female or catch a Ditto so you can breed it instead of having to go through that process all over again....
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Kraleck answered:

The 4 (not 6 anymore) DPP Feebas spots are synchronized to your group, so it is worthwhile to mix records. Any rod works in Mt. Coronet's foggy basement, Super Rod is just your best bet.
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maldar34 answered:

Ok evreyone stop living in the 3rd gen days maybe this will actually help anewr this question according to they got rid of the tile idea because it made feebas well just TOO rare so now you can fish for them in Mt. coronent (the room with all the fog) It is now an uncommon rate of catch although since your using a rod uncommon still only means a 5% percent chance. I hope this helps.
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SugarGirl11 answered:

What you said is in, i checked. hehe
Have you ever tried catching a feebas in platinum?
The only difficult thing about feebas is evolving it.
Unless you have mild poffins that really ups the beauty to the max.
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Greenblob51 answered:

Madar is right
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