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How do i get into sunnyshore city?

Lake valor is still blown up and the water is gone. And the stupid guy says there is a blackout. I dont have any legendarys. What do i do next

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LokkerG answered:

If you're having problems, you may want to check the cave at each lake (You'll need your 7th badge, and the HM Rock Climb, to reach Lake Acuity). After fighting the Mars, and Saturn your next stop will be at Lake Acuity, where you find out the last of the Legendary Trio is with Team Galactic. Go to T.G. HQ, where you have to free the Legendary Trio. After that, make your way to Oreburgh and go to the closest entrance to Mt. Coronet. After that, you will surf across the nearest area of water inside, then use Rock Climb in the far-right corner of the cave. This part of Mt. Coronet is the only way to get to Spear Pillar (Until you beat Team Galactic, it's also the only way to get out of Spear Pillar w/o Fly). After facing down Cyrus, and eventually Giratina, only then will you gain access to Sunnyshore.
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Gametraveler answered:

Defeat Cyrus in the Distortion World and either catch or beat Giratina, then pay a visit to professor Rowan and the path to Sunyshore will open up
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