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What should be the best moveset for my Garchomp?

I know i should put earthquake in there, but what else?

chirag543 asked for clarification:

i have a level 100 garchomp and just wanted to know if it's moveset is good

it has
-Dragon Pulse
-Dragon Rush

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Darklink5222 answered:

Geeze half of you seem to think that the Special/Physical split didn't happen

here are some moves you could use:
Earthquake (Good power, good accuracy, and STAB!)
Dragon Claw/Rush (Accuracy vs Power) [DON"T use Dragon Pulse it is Special NOT Physical]
Stone Edge (Good Power, get's Ice types and Flying types}
Swords Dance (To boost the power of these already strong moves)

I hope this helps!
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Odins_deciple answered:

Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw would be a good choice for STAB. Just have to choose between power or accuracy.

Swords Dance couldn't hurt either.
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Michele68 answered:

Dragon Rush for sure. but I don't have Earthquake for my Garchomp.
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n00bofdestiny answered:

Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw/Outrage is good for STAB.
Sword Dance for increasing attack.
Fire Fang for Ice pokemon and Steel.
Stone Edge for a filler move.
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MasterTimRIck answered:

Dragon Rush, Earthhquake, Draco Meteor, and Outrage
there all great moves and very powerful u coud probably take any pokemon out in 1 shot
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Kraleck answered:

Depends on your hold item and Nature. Attack is by far the best stat Garchomp has (base 130), followed by HP (base 108) and Speed (base 102), so Jolly or Adamant Natures and Physical Moves will help immensely. Yache Berry helps VS Ice Type Moves and Choice Band and Choice Scarf help with the powerhouse nature of this Pokemon.

Go with Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush/Outrage (Choice Band/Choice Scarf for Outrage), Earthquake, and 2 filler moves (Rock Slide OR Stone Edge, Iron Tail OR Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Crunch, Fire Fang, Body Slam, Brick Break, Poison Jab, Aqua Tail, Draco Meteor (Special Move, lowers Sp.Atk 2 stages), Giga Impact (recharges next turn)).

Dragon Type and Ground Type Moves cover every Pokemon for at least neutral damage except Skarmory, Shedinja, Bronzor/Bronzong with Levitate, and any Steel Type (except Dialga) under the effects of the move Magnet Rise (if they can learn it). This makes Fire Fang a great filler option.
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pokedepo answered:

my Garchomp have this move:

dragon rush
giga impact
brick break

consider the fact that this pokemon is an ATk pkmn not a Sp Atk(like alakazam) ,so i have build this one with some of the best phisical move that are good for STAB
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chris17blue answered:

Dragon Rush (Better then Dragon Claw)
Stone Edge (Filler) or you can use Swords Dance if you would like
Fire Fang (Takes care of ICE/GRASS Type Pokemons)
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mystearica_1 answered:

Dragon Claw (better than dragon Rush because it has a lot more trouble actualy hitting the target)
Rock slide (or stone edge) for ice-types
Crunch (or sandstorm for its ability)
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Vongola_XI answered:

1: Earthquake
2: Dragon Pulse(Dragon Claw = 70 + no other secondary effects, Dragon Pulse = 90 + no other secondary effects)
3: Dragon Rush
4: Flamethrower(If there is a ice-type)
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SolxLuna answered:

Garchomp @ Yachi Berry
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP.
- Fire Fang
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Swords Dance
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

DragonClaw BrickBreak For type Coverage Sword Dance and Earthquake for Ultiment Damage
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Dr4g0nR4g3 answered:

Well i for certain would breed into getting outrage over either Dclaw or Drush dragon rush is terribly innaccurate plus Outrage gives that little extra STAB oomph, getting that flinch off is nice i suppose...but missing is much more devastating when that slow ice attack comes back at you.
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extremepro13 answered:

well, to be honest most of these answers abuse the dragon type. garchomp should have a well rounded moveset, good moves would be DRAGON RUSH ( for its massive power), CRUNCH ( for the psychic pokemon), EARTHQUAKE ( because it can take out mostly any poekmon in a single blow, and finally FIRE FANG or FLAMETHROWER, ( grass, ice, and steel types) that way you can have a well rounded garchomp that know powerful moves. You should also make it hold a dragon fang to make its DRAGONRUSH an even stronger move.( found behind the pokemon center in celestic town.) Oh and if you want u can make garchomp learn SANDSTORM instead of the FIRE moves to boost its evasiveness.
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InfinteRokk answered:

I have a level 100 Garchomp that learns Flamethrower, Outrage, Earthquake and Crunch.
Flamethrower for Grass,Steel
Crunch for Ghost, Psychic
Earthquake for Steel, Rock, Poison, Dark, Fire.
Outrage for Dragon, and many other types...
My Garchomp did an AWESOME job on letting me get 100 wins in a row at the Battle Tower, so feel free to copy.
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gamer7845 answered:

I have a Garchomp here are its moves i recommend them:

Dragon Pulse(More accurate than dragon rush and more powerful than dragon claw)
Draco Meteor
Stone Edge(for pesky ice types)
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huhcarez answered:

I'd say this:

Dragon Pulse
Dragon Rush
Draco Meteor

But if you don't think that is good,
Then do this:

Dragon Pulse
Draco Meteor
Giga Impact
Shadow Claw

And if you terribly want Earthquake in there,
Then this:

Draco Meteor
Giga Impact
Dragon Claw

This one's terrible.
But that's only my opinion.

Dragon Rush
Dragon Claw
False Swipes
Rock Slide

So choose one.
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huhcarez answered:

Here's the best one:

Draco Meteor (140 Power, 90 accuracy)
Dragon Rush (100 Power, 75 accuracy)
Fire Blast (120 Power, 85 accuracy)
Shadow Claw (150 Power, 90 accuracy)

No matter what, you just gotta have DRACO METEOR and SHADOW CLAW.
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Deefrenzy1996 answered:

Here's a great move set for Garchomp.

FireFang (To kill the pesky Ice types)
Dragon Claw
Stone Edge

Hope I could help.
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skyhawkg4 answered:

I think it should learn earthquake to do massive stabb damage, then reast while holding lum berry for instant awakeining then swords dance and after that outrage/dragonclaw/draco meteor i personally would prefer dragon claw
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