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Asked: 5 years ago

Hidden ruler of the resort area?

A guy swimming in the resort area says if you use your super rod youll catch the ruler. What is the ruler?

Accepted Answer

From: nintendo199 5 years ago

The guy is talking about the level 100 Magikarp. If you catch it and show him he says "You caught the ruler! I guess you're the ruler now." It's really useless, since it can't evolve.

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Magikarp ranging from level 1-100. That's all there is to it.

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Its a magikarp lv 100 but you will fond like lv 99 77,88 72 stuff like that its the best way to get a strong garados and there not hard to catch (magikarp hig level) just throw a quick ball at the beginning dont worrie bum... bumm... `bout a thing..... evry little thing bumm.... bumm.... is gonna be alright....!

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