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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find thunderbolt?

My darkrai knows shock wave,but it stinks,where can i find thunderbolt?

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From: FrozenTime 5 years ago

You can find one after you get HM surf:
"Fly to Floaroma Town. Head east out to Valley Windworks. Above one of the
windmills is an opening for you to surf on. Go around to the lone windmill.
Stand in the middle of the right side of it, face the windmill, and press A for
a Max Elixir. If you go just northeast of there"

Also, you can buy one at the Veilstone City Coin Exchange Corner (left of game corner) for 10000 coins.

Directions for TM Thunderbolt (in qotes) copied from the Walkthrough by Dmon2:

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Technically in coins it is worth $200k.

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Thunderbolt is directly behind the valley windworks. you need surf to get there and its on a small island on the side of the mountain.

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