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Where can I find a light ball in Platinum?

Exactly what the question says

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Kraleck answered:

Pikachu have a held item 55% (Oran Berry 50%, Light Ball 5%) of the time. Have a Pokemon with Compoudeyes (preferred, raises appearance rate of Item-holding Pokemon by 30%) or Static (raises appearance rate of Electric Pokemon by 30%) Ability at Level 24 in the lead slot (let it faint), a Pokemon with the Frisk Ability (allows you to see your opponent's held Item) in the second slot, and a Pokemon with Thief, Covet, Trick (be sure to hold a common, useless item), or Switcheroo (again, be sure to hold a common, useless item) in reserve. Use a bunch of Repels/Super Repels/Max Repels and you'll only come across Pikachu and Staravia (both at Level 24).

Here is a list of Trophy Garden Pokemon - their held Item (%) - and if they are a R(egular) or I(nsert)
Pichu - Oran Berry (5%) - R
Pikachu - Oran Berry (50%), Light Ball (5%) - R
Roselia - Poison Barb (5%) - R
Staravia - Yache Berry (5%) - R
Kricketune - Metronome (5%) - R (Morning or Night Only)
Clefairy - Leppa Berry (50%), Moon Stone (5%) - I
Jigglypuff - No Item - I
Meowth - Quick Claw (5%) - I
Chansey - Oval Stone (50%), Lucky Egg - I
Ditto - Quick Powder (50%), Metal Powder (5%)
Eevee - No Item - I
Cleffa - Leppa Berry (50%), Moon Stone (5%) - I
Igglybuff - No Item - I
Marill - No Item - I
Azurill - No Item - I
Plusle - No Item - I
Minun - No Item - I
Castform - Mystic Water (55%) - I
Bonsly - No Item - I
Mime Jr. - Leppa Berry (5%) - I
Happiny - Oval Stone (50%), Lucky Punch (5%)

Contrary to what people think, Mr. Backlot's inserted Pokemon will be gone when two more are inserted after it (two insert Pokemon at a time, oldest at Level 16, newest at Level 18). They are NOT available for "2 days only" unless you keep talking to Mr. Backlot every day.
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K_M_N_H_ answered:

Wild Pikachu have a 5% chance of holding one.

I suggest using a Pokemon with Compoundeyes as the lead and catch a bunch of Pikachu's and you'll find a light ball soon enough.
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bryoliver94 answered:

Wild Pikachu and Pichu have a 5% chance of holding one.

Use a Pokemon with Compoundeyes ability as the lead and catch a bunch of Pikachu and Pichu and you'll find a light ball soon enough.

Pikachu and Pichu are found both at the Trophy garden.
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starknight75 answered:

I'm pretty sure only Pikachu has a chance of holding a Light Ball.

I didn't bother trying for one until after I got the National Dex.

I would suggest using a Butterfree at about level 25 or so (for safety; but just so long as it has Sleep Powder) in the lead, then switch off with a Zigzagoon or Linoone with Covet (40 PP v. Thief's 10 PP). You'll probably get more Oran Berries than anything else, but eventually you'll get a Light Ball. And in the meantime, you'll get a little EXP as well, plus if your Zigzagoon/Linoone has Pickup Ability, even if you don't get a Berry or the Light Ball, you might get some other item as a consolation prize.
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CharizardFire answered:

Only wild Pikachu can hold Light Balls.
Wild Pichu can hold Oran Berries, but that's it.

Also, I would recommend using a Pokemon with Trick or Switcheroo instead of Thief or Covet.
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chrisdx54 answered:

I can trade u a pichue that knows volt takle if i know friend code
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peacemaster answered:

Put a fainted pokemon with the ability compound eyes in front (this way the chance of the target pokemon holding something increases.)
the skill still works after the pokemon is fainted.
now put a pokemon with the ability frisk in your second slot so you can see what the target pokemon is holding
this and have the same of a third pokemon ready with the thief attack to steal it
this way it saves pokeballs;)
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