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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get to Darkrai?

I have him in my Diamond but can't remember how I got him!... Do I need the Lunar Wing???

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From: darkcat1 5 years ago

places you could have got one from(legit only)-

1. Nintendo event
2. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia secret mission(no longer available for download)

There is hope since you have Platinum. In Japan nintendo released lots of WI-fi gifts including Darkrai. These events started to come here with the recent secet key event...

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well you need the membership card which HAS NOT been given out yet. that means yours is a hack.

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Currently the only way to get Darkrai is from an event.

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if u have AR, you can get Darkrai by doig the following
1 go to fullmoon island or newmoon island[not sure which]
2 use run through anything code, and keep running right until u are on new or fullmoon island

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Actually if you do that darkrai wont be there so you either need to get the nintendo event or use the pokemon modifier to get any pokemon you want .

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yes, Darkrai will be there. How do you think i got mine?

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Hopefully the membership pass event(Darkrai) will be announced for america or europe ( When it comes out ) ( japan's ended) as it has not been announced yet(www.serebii. net can help out more)

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There are several ways to get a Darkrai.
1) Go to any of the Darkrai events in several continents. However, they aren't always happening, and currently I don't think there are any.
2) Go to an event that gives out the Membership Card via Mystery Gift. When you have recieved the item, you can then go to canalave city.
3) If you have an Action Replay (hacking device) or some other form of hacking device, you can try a combination of the walk through walls codes and darkrai event codes which I'm sure you can find somewhere off the internet.

Hope this helps :D

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Like Manaphy, You can get Darkrai from playing Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. If you like Pokemon Ranger, this is the best way to get one without having to go to an event or using an Action Replay.

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Darkcat1 is correct. The only legitimate ways to get Darkrai is:

1) through a Nintendo event, like the one at Toys R Us some months ago.

2) through a special downloadable mission in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (currently no longer available)

If you had lost him but still have his info on your game, then you can at least trade for another (good luck getting anyone to be reasonable with THAT though!) Otherwise, just be patient & wait for the next distribution.

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Why can't you just trade Pokemon within your two games? Thats what I did.

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On fullmoon island use ar walk through everything walk east or west.

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Two options:
1. This is only if you are patient. Wait for the event that gives out a membership pass and go to that Inn place in the north-east corner of Canalave City. You will fall asleep on the bed and appear on New Moon Island. Darkrai is there.

2.Buy an action replay and use the walk through anything feature. Go to Full Moon Island (after getting the national Dex, go to the sailor's house in Canalave and talk to the kid in the bed, then talk to the dude who will take you to Iron Island. Say yeas to go to Full Moon Island where Cresselia is) and walk across the ocean to the right until you reach New Moon Island.

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Lunar wing is for kid in the cresselia event. For darkai you must have member pass. For get it in . . . . Or you see another answer. In may is can't member pass but you can used ar code for get darkai. Ar code get in neosekker, supercheat , and another.

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hi. i think getting darkrai from a code is easer than getting it from a special event. and trading it from pokemon ranger, to d/p and then trading it again over to platinum. But you could do it the hard way or the easy way.

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You trade with me

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I see a calender, now you must used ar code for get it or trade someone.

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Find it in the GTS.(I used ar to get the event Members Pass in diamond and a shiny code to get it shiny and dunno if it's hack or only the item is hack.)

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