Question from q77e

How do i get to upper areas in amity square?

I see people higher up in amity square but the teleport houses dont take me there? please help me

q77e provided additional details:

I still dont get it where is the third part of the tower

Accepted Answer

Comicmanx answered:

When entering the towers, you actually have a total of three areas to warp to, it just depends on how you enter.

When you enter the towers, you can either go straight up, which most people do, or go left and right and teleport to other places.

Hope this helps!
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LokkerG answered:

There are two sides in which to enter Amity Square. The entrance on the right leads to the warping huts, while the entrance on the left leads to the wider area where most people go to collect accessories and berries from their companion. The right entrance also includes a cleaner who collects items and gives you 5 of one type of berry/accessory each day. The only hitch is that he goes to a random are of the park, but always appears within the warping huts area. So, if you want to find the cleaner, take the right entrance to the Square.
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