Question from sixty9er

Asked: 5 years ago

How does the Macho Brace (or any other EV enhaincing item) work, exactly?

I wanna EV train my Elekid, so I have some questions about the Macho Brace. Elekid is only level 8, so I have it hold an EXP Share, and I know that EVs get passed through the EXP Share, but I'm not so sure about something--if the Pokemon that's gonna do the main battling is holding a Macho Brace (or any other EV enhancing item), will those extra EVs also get passed?

Accepted Answer

From: Intro1827 5 years ago

EV Items like Macho Brace and the Power Items only work for the Pokemon holding them. Any Pokemon with EXP. Share will get the normal amount of EVs, and they get doubled by Pokerus

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