Question from suicidesilence2

Can Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Poison Spikes be stacked??

Meaning can they all be used at the same time?
Hopefully trainers with experience know what I mean.
No offense to anyone who doesn't. Haha.

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

You can use 3 layers of (Spikes + Toxic Spikes) plus 1 Stealth Rock. Recommended is 1 or 2 Spikes (maximum 3 Spikes) plus 1 or 2 Toxic Spikes (maximum 2 Toxic Spikes, 1 for Poison, 2 for Toxic) OR 1 Stealth Rock. Any more just lets the opponent set up against you.

Spikes and Toxic Spikes do not affect Flying Types or Pokemon with Levitate Ability.
Poison Types, Steel Types, and Pokemon with Immunity Ability are not affected by Toxic Spikes.
Poison Types make all layers of Toxic Spikes disappear.
Stealth Rock hits all Pokemon for a % of their maximum HP based on Rock Type's effectiveness against their types (Pokemon that are 4x Weak to Rock, such as Articuno or Charizard, take 50% max. HP damage).
Rapid Spin eliminates all 3 of these moves (Claydol is popular due to Levitate and a Ground Type resistance to Rock).
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therealjamez answered:

Yes, I believe you can.
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