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How do I catch Mesprit?

I'm trying to catch Mesprit. I have a Lv. 9 Zubat with me holding a quick claw (since it's the only Pokemon I have now that knows Mean Look) but Mesprit always runs away first before Zubat can execute the move, even with the quick claw. I don't have the patience to level it up to above Mesprit's level, and I refuse to use the masterball on it. Any options?

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Death_Ragnell answered:

Dudes what are you saying? There are multiple was to catch Mesprit without huge speed and masterballing it. For the pokemon you use. Okay you can have a zubat with mean look or just catch a nosepass at Mt.Coronet. It knows block another moves that prevent escaping. If you don;'t mind beating the elite four before you catch mesprit. Then use the pal park to transfer as many wobaffets and wynants from you GBA games. They have the ability called Shadow Tag that prevents escaping. You can also transfer a trapinch with area trap that also works, Another way would be to false swipe it until it has one hp. Paralyze it so that the status effect lasts then use a quick ball the next time you see it. (I caught mine this way) (done it to catch Latios in Ruby also)
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yellowversion answered:

The quick claw only works sometimes. To make Mesprit easier to catch you can make it sleep or freeze it. Making it sleep is easier but freezing it is more effective. You can try catching it at night with a duskball or as soon as you see it throw a quickball. I think your going to need much more than a Lv. 9 Zubat though.
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andibad answered:

yes you can see all location in your home, i no remmember 3 location to see mesprit, and now i have to caught mesprit. i found in route 220 / 210 / 205 (IS MY LOCATION TO FOUND ,ESPRIT) in some small location.
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Kraleck answered:

You will have to get some levels, happiness, evolutions, and speed into Zubat to be effective. Crobat is one of the best runner busters with base 130 Speed, Hypnosis as an Egg Move, and Mean Look.

Quick Claw is too random to be effective for catching runners and a Level 9 Zubat will likely be knocked out immediately if it does get a Mean Look in against a Level 50 Mesprit.
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pizza_boy00 answered:

well first u go talk to it in lake verity, next use the marking map to see where it is then ride ur bike between enterna city and Rt. 211 in till it show it there then go into the grass and it will be there hope, this helps.
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nintendoman98 answered:

There is a trick to doing this. You have to face Mesprit so many times that it starts to slow down.
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Coleian answered:

Use the Poketch App Marking Map, head for one of the faces after you walk a bit, DO NOT use Fly, run around in the grass in that area and do use a master if you have AFTER you catch Giratina.
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freakyevil9931 answered:

Well to get the mesprit you ll need a crobat with a huge amount of speed and have the special move ofmean so that he cannot escape ,alsolike freeze him or putiing asleep is a good idea and probably to cathe it use a dusk ball at night or paralyze him and use a ultra ball.
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Death_Ragnell answered:

Forgot to mention to equip the quick claw on the nosepass
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