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Is there another way to catch dratini?

I was seeing the FAQs, and they say taht the only way to catch a dratini is by using a Super Rod, wich I can only get after beating the game...
Is there another way to catch it??

sorry my bad english

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InkSpell432 answered:

You need a National Pokedex, then talk to a fisherman in the Fight Area for a Super Rod. Go to Mt. Coronet with Pokemon who knows the following moves: Surf, Rock Climb, Strength, and, just in case, Rock Smash, also, bring some repels. Find the waterfall and surf near the waterfall. Use your Super Rod and fish for the Dratini. (Keep mind that you might encounter a Dragonair.)
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RuLaTroNZxX answered:

I think the only other way is by trade srry =/
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LokkerG answered:

There is no other way to catch a Dratini, than fishing behind the Waterfall, in Mt. Coronet, with the Super Rod.
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andibad answered:

In mt.coronet like behind waterfall but you can go up in cave with water. And surf and use super rod.
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andibad answered:

In mt.coronet 6F and go waterfall and using super rod. Dratini is easy to found dragonair. Yes dratini hard to get but fishing at waterfall. I get two dratini and one dragonair. Dratini can caught after you get national pokedex and super rod.
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rajmehta505 answered:

Nopz U can get it only after obtaining the national dex........else u can trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Keyblade007 answered:

You can trade it, or you can do it the hard way by beating the Elite Four and go to the fight area and go alll the way around the island to get it.
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