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How do i select deoxys in GTS while i am seeking pokemon?

When i go to seek pokemon
it seems that i cannot find ho oh, lugia, celebi, mew, deoxys, darkrai and shaymin

CursedUchiha2 provided additional details:

So that means i cannot find them??

CursedUchiha2 provided additional details:

Nevermind i caught them all including arceus alrdy

Accepted Answer

sonicking2004 answered:

The glaring flaw in the GTS system is that you need to have SEEN them to request a trade over it, either in the wild or in wireless battle with a friend. Of course you could use the AR National Pokedex code, but this modifies your CAUGHT info & ruins the challenge to Catch 'Em All, so your best hope is that Nintendo releases an event for him in the near future.
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LokkerG answered:

You need to have data on them (usually you can also just see them, but you have no access to them in D/P/Pl) in order to select them from the list.
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LokkerG answered:

Unless you can access data from a friend, or obtain it or an item that can give access to it (Pal Park works if you have it), no. You need to have at least seen it in the Wild (impossible) or battle a friend who'll use it over wireless (not Wi-fi) to obtain data in you Pokedex to get it as a GTS option.
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