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Is nature really that important?

Can someone please explain in detail why people stress the importance of nature of the pokemon,if I don't have the right nature for the type I'm trying to create(sweeper,tank,etc) will it not be as affective or as complete?

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tiomasta answered:

Uh, natures don't raise or lower HP.

But yes, they are important. They raise one stat by 10%, while lowering another by 10%.
This could mean more 39 attack points for a Dragonite, for example.

Most people choose to lower one of its attacks, unless that poke is supposed to hit hard with both.
Like, Blissey is not gonna use its crappy attack stat, ever. So no one would mind if this was the stat to be lowered by the nature.
And Scizor won't use its Sp.Atk with an Atk high like that,

For Gyro Ball users(like Bronzong) you want to lower its speed.
For physical sweepers, you lower its Sp.Atk to increase either Attack(Adamant) or speed(Jolly), since they're the most important stats for a physical sweeper. Get it?
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drakosrath1 answered:

For competetive battling (wifi) then yes, very. Nature depends on how stats are affected, and if it has a bad nature against of what your aiming for (example:nature that lowers attack on a physical sweeper)
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starknight75 answered:

The nature that a Pokemon has affects two of its six stats (HP, Atk., Def., Sp. Atk., Sp. Def., and Speed). At each level up, one stat will go increase at a faster rate than the other; the other four increase at basically the same rate.

For example, a Lapras with a Relaxed nature will have its Defense stat rising more quickly than its Speed stat, probably making it a good Wall, but in a Lapras with a Hasty nature, the opposite is true with its Speed stat rising more quickly than its Defense stat.
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