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What is the best strategy for rasing beauty?

I have been giving feebas dry poffins, but it won't eat any more. Will it start eating again?

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Kraleck answered:

You need to almost peak the Beauty contest stat (Save prior to feeding Poffins). Use the best Poffins (high Level, low Sheen, Blue color for the main part, sprinkles don't matter but are preferred). If you need help with good Poffins, stir fast without overflows (don't let it burn by going too slow either), get help from other local players (hope they can make good Poffins themselves), use strong Dry berries (Apicot, Pamtre), avoid duplicate berries (they make the Poffin weak), and avoid Sweet flavored berries if possible (final Dry flavor = Dry flavor total - Sweet flavor total). If there is only 1 point of Sheen left before it is full, go for broke with the strongest Dry Poffin you can (overflow doesn't matter).

This website can help with the Poffins you can create based on time, berries (up to 4), spills, and burns:

Unless you have a Ditto or a Female Feebas, you've screwed the pooch. You need to get 200+ Beauty (I believe it caps at 220) for Feebas to evolve upon a Level Up. You can check in Pastoria by showing a blonde woman a Pokemon with a contest stat 200+ to get a Contest Scarf (only one time for each contest stat, in this case Beauty).
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flamedevil8 answered:

No once you've maxed out its poffins it can only eat a certain ammount of poffins than it can eat no more. idk how to raise its beauty anymore after that sorry :(
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Kraleck answered:

Almost forgot. Natures affect Contest Stat bonuses as well as Battle Stat bonuses. Dry flavor is tied to Sp.Atk affecting Natures, so -Sp.Atk Natures lower and +Sp.Atk Natures raise Beauty gains 10%. Likewise for Attack with Spicy, Defense with Sour, Sp.Def with Bitter, and Speed with Sweet.

Avoid Adamant, Impish, Careful, and Jolly Natures at all cost as they HATE Dry flavored Poffin.
Modest, Mild, Rash, and Quiet Natured Pokemon LOVE Dry flavored Poffin.
Everything else is NEUTRAL towards Dry flavored Poffin.
Bold Nature may help with Milotic's lower Defense stat.
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