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How do evolve lombre to ludicollo?

My lombre is at level 100 and he didnt evolve yet.

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starknight75 answered:

Actually, you use a Leaf Stone to evolve Nuzleaf into Shiftry. You need a Water Stone to evolve Lombre to Ludicolo.
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andibad answered:

Yes. You must have leaf stone to evolve. Is true i have lot of all pokemon evolve. Leaf stone is important to evolve.
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Kraleck answered:

Use a Water Stone on Lombre to evolve it into Ludicolo. You can dig them up underground or find them in various locations on the surface.

Water Stones and Leaf Stones are more common underground in Pearl Version than in Diamond Version (and vice versa for Fire Stones and Thunder Stones), but I am unsure about the evolution Stones' rarity in Platinum Version.
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