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What level do pokemon evolve?

What level does toepi, roselia, ralts, kirlia, luxio, and ponyta evolve?


g9672001 answered:

Togepi- evolve when happiness reaches full

Roselia- Shiny Stone

Ralts- lv 16

Kirlia- Lv 30 for Gardevoir, Dawn Stone for Gallade

Luxio- Lv 30

Ponyta- Lv 40
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garchomp92 answered:

Togepi - level up when at max happiness
Roselia - Shiny Stone
Ralts - Level 16
Kirlia - Level 30 to Gardevoir (can be male or female), Dawn Stone to Gallade (must be MALE)
Luxio - Level 30
Ponyta - Level 40
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Badali714 answered:

Also, Togepi, after it evolves to Togetic, it then evolves in to Togekiss by way of thr Shiny Stone
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