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How do you raise a pokemon with happiness?

How do you raise togepi and pichu with happiness?

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Kraleck answered:

Walking 256 Steps, Leveling Up, Massages, giving them Stat Reducing Berries and Vitamins, and winning Battles the Pokemon participates in will raise Happiness (Doubled with Soothe Bell held OR if caught with Luxury Ball, Quadrupled with both).

Fainting and Bitter Medicines reduce Happiness. Trading resets Happiness to the base value for the species.
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andibad answered:

You can. Place togepi (now my togepi change to togekiss lv 76) and pichu in your party and join in every battle. And use this pokemon in first and change other. Is helpfull to raise happines pokemon . Oh can eat poffin is raise happines.
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Acetron_87 answered:

There are several ways to raise Poke'mon like Togepi and Pichu's happiness: (you can just have them in your party) (you can have them hold a Sooth Bell) (you can rais their stats with items like Protein, Iron, and Zinc) (you can give them a massage At either the Grooming house in Vilestone City or at the Ribbon Syndicate in Resort Area {once a day} ).
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pksuperflame answered:

You can put them in your party and let them battle in mostly all of the battles you do, and you can put a soothe bell on them because that helps to get up your friendship.
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starknight75 answered:

To evolve Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi, who evolve based on their happiness level, you can do several things. First and foremost, it must be in your party for its happiness level to increase. Then, the easiest ways would probably be to
1) give it an item to hold (Soothe Bell works best since it raises a Pokemon's happiness).
2) give it a massage daily (see the girl in the house near the gym in Veilstone City.
3) if you have access to the Resort Area and the Ribbon Syndicate, a massage there helps also.
4) don't let it faint or be inflicted with a status (or if so, clear it up right away).

These are the easiest ways with the least trouble to you. You can use one of the Poketch apps (#6) to check how happy your Pokemon is (hold the stylus on it and check the hearts that appear--two big blinking hearts is the best), or you can see Dr. Footprint on Route 213 to find out how close you and your Pokemon are. If it earns a Footprint Ribbon, then it's pretty sure to evolve when you level it up.
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