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How do I get a female Togepi after getting the egg?

I've already received the egg from Cynthia, so is there a way to get the Togepi to hatch as a female? If not, can I breed the male with a Bronzor and get a female?

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Kraleck answered:

Togepi cannot breed until it evolves, and even then, Togetic and Togekiss cannot breed with Bronzor. Plus Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss has a mere 12.5% chance of being Female (like starter Pokemon, Munchlax/Snorlax, Combee, fossil Pokemon, and Relicanth).

You need to wait until it hatches to see what is inside. Once you receive an egg, the Pokemon inside has already been determined. However, you can save before you get an egg to try over and over for the various aspects (including Gender) that you want.

If you do hatch a Male Togepi, Evolve it and wait until after you have the Natiional Dex to find wild Ditto (Mr. Backlot will put them in the Trophy Garden, save before talking to him and reset until he says he saw a Ditto).
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starknight75 answered:

If you saved the game before you received Togepi and haven't saved it since, you can hatch the egg and, if it isn't a female, soft-reset. Then, you will get the egg again and can try again for a female.

If you have already saved the game after receiving the egg, your only option is to evolve the male Togepi up to at least a Togetic (if not Togekiss) and breed it with a Ditto, which you can either import via Pal Park or catch in Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden on Route 212 after you've received the National Dex.

Togepi, being a "baby" Pokemon, cannot breed. Moreover, its evolved forms belong to the Fairy and Flying egg-groups, so it could only breed with another member of the Fairy group (e.g., Pikachu) or a Flying-type (e.g., Staravia).
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