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Where do I get fossils converted to Pokemon?

In previous Pokemon games you could resurrect fossils, and turn them into Pokemon. Is this possible? If so, where do i do it?

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starknight75 answered:

At the eastern end of Oreburgh City there is a coal museum. Once you enter, the man on the right side of the counter will take your fossils and resurrect them. Make sure you have an open slot in your party so you can receive it.

Save before giving the fossil to the man, if you want to reset until you get the desired gender and/or nature.
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gregjblair answered:

There is the museum in Oreburgh City (far right building) There is a guy there that does it.
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Makako300 answered:

You resurrect fossils in Oreburgh City in the museum (i think it's called the mining museum)note:all resurrected pokemon will be Lv.20 and you must have 1 free space in your party to pick up your revived pokemon fossil.
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