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Where do I find the Pokemon in the pokedex for 190 and 170?

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Kraleck answered:

170 - Glaceon - Female Skier on Route 217 OR Evolve Eevee at the frozen rock on Route 217
190 - Dusclops - Male Ace Trainer on Route 216 OR Sendoff Spring (5% @ 04:00-19:59, 15% @ 20:00-03:59) OR Evolve Duskull at Level 37+

Eevee can be obtained as a gift from Bebe in Hearthome City (save prior to the gift so you can reset for a Female).
Duskull can be found @ 20:00-03:59 on Route 209 (10%) or in Lost Tower (20%)
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sudowoodo9 answered:

#170 is Chinchou. You can breed a Lanturn at the day care center or fish for one with the Super Rod on Rt. 220. If you have Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald then you can use Pal Park to get one.
#190 is Aipom. You can breed an Ambipom at the day care center or use a Honey Tree. If you have Pokemon Emerald then you can use Pal Park to get one.
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davidhuga14 answered:

170 is glacion a female skier has it on the way to snowport city.
190 is dusclops a male physcic has it on victory road. As soon as you walk across the bridge, use rock climb and go left to that trainer
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Topher65 answered:

nationaldex- Chinchou(170) and Aipom(190)
sinnohdex- Glaceon(170) and Dusclops(190)
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