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Salamence moveset?

I am training a shelgon for the battle hall it does know hydro pump and i was wondering if anyone knows a movest that would be the best for the battle hall I am not looking for a particular EV training move set i just means moves in general

Accepted Answer

Heatreaper answered:

Draco Meteor is always a good option for the STAB bonus if you want a nice special attacking Salamence.
But Salamence has much high Special Attack than attack, so outrage is also a good option for this reason.

Roost is a nice recovery move, it will keep your Salamence alive for a while if it loses health or if you decide to use a life orb (I'd recommend only using roost if your are using a life orb)

If you aren't going to use a choice band, use dragon dance. It is a beautiful attack. It raises speed and attack significantly. After using it twice, Salamence's speed and attack DOUBLE. That means he'll be an unstoppable killing machine. I definitely recommend this attack.

Earthquake, if you can spare it on him. GREAT attack option, and great type coverage. Hits everything except flying and almost everything else for nuetral or super effective damage.

There are going to be those pesky ice types that are going to try to take you down, so a fire attack is recommended. Fire blast would do the trick.

And this last one is a surprise. Aqua Tail. Works great in the place of earthquake if you can't spare it.

So my recommendation is:
Salamence holding a life orb
1. Dragon Dance
2. Outrage
4. Roost


Salamence holding a Choice Scarf (raises speed)
1. Hydro Pump
2. Outrage
3. Fireblast
4. Draco Meteor
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