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Best way/places to train for the Elite Four?

Staraptor, now level 45 (currently training through Exp. Share)
Rapidash, now level 49

Torterra, Empoleon and Sneasel can be trained in Victory Road (non-surfing) all the way to 60
Pikachu can be trained in Victory Road (surfing) all the way to 60

I also do all the Daily PokeCenter Battles and the Battle Restaurant as much as possible. Are there any possible ways to train quickly?

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starknight75 answered:

The two Pokemon you are building up now, Rapidash and Staraptor, don't have any place they can easily level up. However, I'd suggest using Route 222 as much as possible, running away from battle when needed, for Rapidash. It should be strong enough to handle the Electabuzz and Luxio on that route, as well as the Magnemite and Magneton that show up there. The Chatot shouldn't be a problem either, but run away from Wingull, Pelipper, and Floatzel unless you've given Rapidash an Electric attack.

Staraptor might do well on Route 221 against the Roselia, and should have little difficulty with the Girafarig and Floatzel. Unless it has a non-Flying or non-Normal attack that is at least normal strength against Rock-types, run from th Sudowoodo.

Ultimately, your best bet would be to focus on Route 223 and inside Victory Road. On Route 223, use Psychic and Ground attacks against the Tentacruel (level 38 and up) and Electric and Rock attacks against the Pelipper (level 43 and up). Inside Victory Road, focus only on the Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Golbat, and Steelix--Graveler and Onix don't offer enough EXP; neither do the Gabite.
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salamancerider answered:

When you battle the elite four you get tonnes of exp so use your stronger pokemon first and use exp share to train the others

you should get another fire type (I used infernape lv 65 and wiped out Aarons whole team)

I suggest you use fire type, water type, fighting type, flying type, dragon type and electric type

try an octillery it can learn almost any move
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