Question from suicidesilence2

Can Lucario learn Blaze Kick??

See above.

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

Hitmonlee OR Male Blaziken OR Male Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape with Blaze Kick (Level 41, Level 36, and Egg Move, respectively)
Female Lucario (must have a different Parent from the other Pokemon if both were from Eggs)
Riolu with Blaze Kick (Egg Move)
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Death_Ragnell answered:

Yes but it is an egg move. Try breeding a FEMALE LUCARIO with a MALE BLAZIKEN
I think Hitmonlee also learns it by lvl up but i'm not too sure
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D2the_M answered:

Yeah Death_Ragnell... Hitmonlee or Blaziken with Blaze Kick can give Lucario the move as well as an egg move.
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