Question from souljadood

What pokemon is number 80 and 114,and where do you find them in the sinnoh pokedex?

I looked everywhere but i can't find them

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cainnitro answered:

Sorry, you find Barboach with a trainer on route 212. You can find unknown in solaceon ruins. If you want to get a barboach go fishing on Iron Island.
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cainnitro answered:

They are Barboach and Unknown.
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MyAura717 answered:

80 is barboach dont no where to find him 114 is Unknown u can find them in the soleaceon Ruins
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Kraleck answered:

080 - Barboach
-Route 208 (Fisherman Cody)
-Route 212 (South, Fisherman Travis)
-Lost Tower (Floor 2F, Youngster Oliver)
Fishing with the Good Rod
-Route 205 (North)
-Route 210 (North)
-Oreburgh Gate (Floor B1F)
-Ravaged Path
-Eterna City
-Mt. Coronet (Floors 4F, B1F, or 1F (use the Route 207 entrance))
-Great Marsh

114 - Unown
-Solaceon Ruins
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