Question from pyahpyahpyah

Looking for friends to trade via Pal Pad?

Name: Diamond
FC: 4167 3428 2799

Add me put your code down if you are interested in trading.

Doublehero asked for clarification:

My name is Ash:
Platinum: 2750-8673-0013
Dont have diamond or pearl xD


Lonesilver answered:

go to the Boards tab at the top and choose the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Trading board off the Split List, put a tpoic name (for example: LF: Trade, FT: Look Inside)

Those pretty much mean Looking for, and for trade

Other than that, mine is
1505-3105-1449-Pokemon Platinum (Spartan)
5027-1606-9881 - Pokemon Diamond (Axcel)
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Acetron_87 answered:

My name is ACETRON in both:
Pokemon Diamond 1332-9897-1238
Pokemon Platinum 4511-7056-0574
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thecayden answered:

Its zoey and im 0088 1120 0248 platinum dont have friend code on diamond
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Threx90 answered:

The names Alex

Code for platinum:0560 5677 7198
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Onark_Ohmsford answered:

Name is Mazoku and my code for platinum is:2708-1399-3604
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Rexxar666 answered:

name is Rexxar and fc is 3781 7282 3949
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Don_Shade answered:

Name: Dawn
Friend code:1376 8300 4600
thanks dude
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Joshuax3x answered:

i'll trade name josh FC: 1935 5646 4348
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jamo425 answered:

need help with trade evolving and will help others for trade evolving

4555 7381 9474
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abbottj95 answered:

my names JAY
my code for Diamond: 2881 1298 2165
add me
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Jos340 answered:

My name is:

My FC for Diamond is:
0089 9452 0804

I am willing to Trade good Pokemon :) Add Me and I'll do the same
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50601739 answered:

My name is:

looking for people for trade evolving I need help and am willing to help.
FC for platinum is:
5243 9135 5378
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craigdurand answered:

My name is:

My FC for Platinum

Want to Evolve my Haunter into Gengar and my Rhydon into Rhyperior will give 1 Ditto and Heatran
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Rogersb21 answered:

name: Brandon
Fc: 4299 7311 6460
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ForAllOfThese answered:

My Name Is: Nick

I have Pearl
FC; 2064 1613 3899
Fc; 3481 4773 8074
and HeartGold
Fc; 2923 1415 9637
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