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If Pokemon Events Have Gone By is there no other way to get them? Like are there gonna be more events or what?

Event pokemon like: Darkrai, or Shaymin.

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MattLuka answered:

There is no other way to get them other than through events, cheating devices or through trades however it's possible more events could be held in the future.
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

You could always try the GTS or ask your friends. i got a Lv.100 shaymin, Arceus and deoxys. but you have to have an entry in your pokedex for trading in GTS and the people always want pokemon such as darkrai,regigigas,etc. so the best odds odds of ever getting one is hacking. always works but it can crash your game.
if you do hack....
to get darkrai.... activate walk anywhere cheat and go to cressilia's island and keep going right until you go to darkrai's island. i think that darkrai will be there.
to get shaymin....activate walk anywhere cheat and head to the place behind pokemon league. i think it was route 222. go to the shiny stone and keep on going strait until you reach flower paradise. i think that oak's letter is needed. i'm not to sure.
or you can just find the cheat that gives you all the event legends.
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eli36397 answered:

There will be more events. Unfortunately, there is no telling which Pokemon will be available from those events, and odds are the event will be somewhat far away from where you live, depending what kind it is (most are held in local companies such as Toys "R" Us these days though). You must trade and/or use cheating devices if you missed the event, or wait and hope that the Pokemon will be available at a later event.
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gumball354 answered:

You should go on to see future events.
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supersonic1001 answered:

Well there's one event going on right's Darkrai and it's available through the Wi-Fi connection of Mystery Gift but only August 3 to September 13..Another event come after but still pending on the date...
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Coralinefan09 answered:

Shiny Pichu! Go get your shiny Pichu at gamestop! Any gamestop!
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General_Humz answered:

Yes, even though this is released for a while now, there are still ways to get event pokemon. Go to the official pokemon website @ They have updates weekly and will tell you when the next vent is, how to get it, and what the prize is.
Right now, until March 13, a Level 5 Jirachi (I recommend starting a new game and getting the Mystery Gift option activated first) is being passed out at all Gamestop shops located in the U.S. via Wireless Mystery Gift.
In order to get previous Pokemon that were gotten throughthe Events, you must trade with those that have the Pokemon you are looking for.
You CANNOT recieve ITEMS received from these events such as Oak's Letter or the Secret Key.
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The_Wolfe answered:

Nope. Not at all. The events will only occur once and then you'll never see them again. Ever. At all.

The only way to get those Pokemon is to ask for them in a trade, look them up on the GTS, or hack them yourself using Action Replay, PokeSav, or a similar device.

(Yes I'm aware that Jirachi was released twice in the US, but that's because Europeans never got the first Jirachi event and it was released to both the US and Europe.)
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BlackEagleX answered:

Unfortunately not,but there are other ways to get those special pokemon.
The most easiest way is to use pokemon modifier code so you can catch wild legendary in graas as many times as you want but you cannot use it for show-off cuz the location is listed in pokedex.
The codes that give you the Membership pass do not work so here is the alternative way :You can get darkrai by going to full moon island.To go to full moon island go to Canalave City and talk to the sailor which took you previously to iron island,after you talk to him go to the house to north and you will see a boy lying on a Bed so talk to him and then talk to the sailor again and he will take you to Full Moon Island.Now activate your Walkthrough-walls code and go right and you will reach new moon island go inside the forest and catch darkrai.

Shaymin:First use the gameshark code to get Oak's Letter a special event item,then got to pokemon league and use walkthrough walls and to get to route 224 and then go at the at the end of the route and there you will see prof oak,and after a breif conversation you will see shatmin who will come and than rum back so follow him to reach the flower paradise and there catch him.

.use the code to obtain azure flute from the man dressed is green in any pokemart than go to spear pillar and play the flute to open up stair leading to arceus but beware it is lvl must have fought giratini dialga and palkia before doing this...

Manaphy:use code to get manahy egg from the man dresses in green ina ny pokemart than hatch it like you hatch normal eggs..

Phione:Breed manaphy witha ditto to get Phione egg than hatch it but beware it takes more than 10000 steps so have a pokemon with ability Flame Body or Fire Armor which halves the steps.

Movie Regigas:Use code than go to pokemart.

Movie Arceus:Use code and go to pokemart..

Rotom Forms:
Use code to get Secret Key than got to Glactic Headquarter in Eterna city with secret key in bag and rotom in part then on first floor got o wall on left to open up a secret room which has red coloured appliances.
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InternetTAB answered:

A program called pokesav will help you. Use it to move .pkm files from your PC to the GTS by connecting your DS straight to your router. There are a few websites out there that have the all gen IV event pokemon listen in chronological order. Just do an internet search for the key words in my answer. (Pokesav, .pkm event pokemon list) I plan on using this to get many event pokemon when I unlock my WiFi to xfer them. ( my router doesn't let my DS connect to my WiFi unless it is open)
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