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Asked: 5 years ago

What is Pokemon 152!? and where can i find it?!

I have seen every single one except that one! i think it is pheionie or however its spelled because it is right after Manaphy and before gligar please help!

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From: starknight75 5 years ago

Phione isn't in the Sinnoh Dex at all. It is number 489 in the National Dex.

Number 152 in the Sinnoh Dex is Rotom. You can encounter it in the Old Chateau during the night hours (8 p.m. to 4 a.m.) on the second floor in the room with the television. Examine it to trigger the encounter.

Number 152 in the National Dex is Chikorita. You can only get it from Pokemon Emerald through Pal Park.

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In shinoh dex, rotom, find in night at old chateau TV
National dex, chikorita find in Pal Park

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Taken directly from Drayano's FAQ:

#152 Rotom: Old Chateau

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Pokemon 152 Phione,

it ca be obtained by breeding a manaphy, with a ditto

or you could easily trade with someone using wifi or the gts, ithink the only way to obtain with out trading, is by using the breeding method, even though it is widely availble becuase of trading.

i have several that i bread

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152 is chickorita you get it either through emerald or if you own it for the gamecube Pokemon gale of darkness transfered to any of the GBA games

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Sinnoh Dex
#152 Rotom = Find in a TV at Old Chateau second floor (must at night. at 8:00PM and up)
National Dex
#152 Chikorita = Transfer from GBA, then go to Pal Park

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