Question from narutosasukegum

Where can i see happiny ?

I need it to finnish the sinnoh dex.


chickengamer93 answered:

happiny can, be obtained if you get a chansey and breed it with a ditto, or other chansey. i am not sure that it can be seen in the wild, it may be possible but i dont know about that.
1 you could post a message on the tradeing board and trade it with someone for something else
2 get a frined to breed it for you
3 try the GTS

sorry for the limited help
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Aslan244 answered:

Do you mean see, or catch. A hiker in the south-east of Herthome gives you a Happiny egg, but you could also find it can be fought on Route 210 South via Pokemon Breeder Kahilil.
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starknight75 answered:

As Aslan244 said, you can battle a trainer that has Happiny on Route 210. You can also catch breed Chansey or Blissey with any male Pokemon in the Fairy Egg Group or a Ditto to get a Happiny, provided that Chansey/Blissey is also holding the Luck Incense, which you can find on the Ravaged Path. Unfortunately, the Happiny Egg that you could get at Hearthome was in Diamond and Pearl--it was replaced with Cynthia giving you a Togepi Egg in Eterna City.

Also, please be aware that to complete the Sinnoh Dex, you only need to see Happiny. If you're want to actually have it in your Pokemon collection, then you can either breed for it--as above--or wait until you get the National Dex and wait for it to appear in Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden.
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Kraleck answered:

Breed a Chansey/Blissey holding Luck Incense with a Male Pikachu/Raichu, Clefairy/Clefable, Togetic/Togekiss, Marill/Azumarill, Roselia/Roserade, Snorunt/Glalie, Pachirisu, or Cherubi/Cherrim (the only compatible Sinnoh Dex Pokemon).

Route 210 (South) - Male PKMN Breeder Kahlil (use the speed gear of the bike to reach him, he's above the twins).
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beaulieu100 answered:

In a pokemon game
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darklikex answered:

Go to route 210,outside the cabin where you can buy moomoo milk,you can battle a breeder girl with a hapiny,or you can trade,breeding is not an option yet,and the hiker that gives you the egg was only in diamond and pearl.
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