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Asked: 5 years ago

Where is professor oak all the times you see him in order?

Where is professsor oak all the times you see him in order?

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From: starknight75 5 years ago

You will first see Professor Oak in Sandgem Town at Professor Rowan's lab when you receive the National Dex from them. After that, he will move down to Pal Park. Once you meet with him there--he'll give you the Pokeradar--he'll go up to Eterna City, in a house near the exit to the Cycling Path. He'll be there from then on. The first time you see him in Eterna City he'll tell you about the Legendary Birds; after that he'll rate your Pokedex.

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In a house

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In eterna city in left gym. But some place see prof oak in one times . Prof oak always in eterna city. A house in left gym.

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And plus prof oak always check how many you caught pokemon or added data your pokedex. And he ask you what caught three legend bird kanto.

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Okay Andibad we can't understand you learn to type right so we can understand you please.

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