Question from thehurleyhero

Asked: 5 years ago

Hallowed Tower?

After i put the odd Keystone in it, how do i activate it?

Accepted Answer

From: quaselbude 5 years ago

After you put the odd keystone in it you have to go into the underground and talk to 32 other players.
But it doesnt count if you talk to the same person once you are there. The fastest way is the following:
Go there with a friend. He should wait in front of your secret base. Talk to him, go into your base and select close and decorate. Then go out again to talk to your friend. Do this until youve done 32 times.
Alternately you can talk to your friend, digg in the walls for treasure, talk again to your friend.
The more friends in the underground the faster you are finished.

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You must talk to 32 other players in the underground

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