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How do I catch Cresselia??

How do I catch Cresselia??

eli36397 asked for clarification:

You can use the Marking Map app on the Poketch to see where Cresselia is. It shows which route she is on, and every time you move to a different town or route, Cresselia will change positions. Be warned that if you use Fly, Cresselia will teleport to a random route. She may also do this without warning just when you switch routes.

Use your Master Ball or Quick Balls. Use Mean Look or Spider Web if you have a Pokemon that can learn it (such as Crobat, Sableye, Dusknoir, Ariados, etc.) to make it unable to run. Use Sleep and Paralyze as well. If you are lucky enough to have it asleep or paralyzed, and unable to run away because of Mean Look or Spider Web, use Timer Balls, Ultra Balls, or if you have a high enough level Pokemon, Nest Balls.

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starknight75 answered:

After you have defeated the Champion and received the National Dex, go to Canalave City. Enter the house closest to where you board the boat to Iron Island. This is the sailor's home.

On prior visits, the little boy living in the home will tell you that he wants to be a sailor like his father. Now he is in bed with a nightmare and the sailor and his wife are worried. Talk to the sailor and agree to find a Lunar Wing to help the boy. He will take you to Full Moon Island. Once there, go into Cresselia's clearing and talk to her. She will leave behind the Lunar Wing, then disappear.

Go back to Canalave City, help the boy, then start wandering Sinnoh. Eventually you will encounter her somewhere in the grass, and although she will run, you will now be able to track her on the marking map, just as you were Mesprit and the 3 legendary birds. Track her down, wear her down, and catch her the normal way.
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kotorkid95 answered:

complete pokedex, beat elite 4, go 2 canalave city. a boy will b having a nightmare. Go 2 full moon or new moon island. talk 2 cressila and pick up wat it drops. briing it back 2 the boy. now shell appear anywhere in the wild randomly
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andibad answered:

Starnight true . But kotorkid too. For kotorkid i correc them. After finish cresselia and see starnight answer. And you get wild in any place. Used poketech marking map. This pokemon called roaming pokemon like bird kanto, and mesprit. I hope help you.
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nel122333 answered:

With a master ball XD
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