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Where are ALL the ingame trades?

I know about the one in Snowpoint City, but I'm sure there are others. I tried the FAQ's but couldn't find anything.

andibad asked for clarification::

What you find in this city?

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

There are 4 in-game trades
Place - Your Pokemon for Their Pokemon (Their Hold Item) "Nickname" - trader's appearance & general location

Oreburgh City - Machop for Abra (Oran Berry) "Kazza" - little kid in an apartment building

Eterna City - Buizel for Chatot "Charap" - I forgot what they look like, but they're in a house near the Gym

Snowpoint City - Medicham for Haunter (Everstone) "Gaspar" - young woman in a house

Route 226 - Finneon for Magikarp (Lum Berry) "Foppa" - hiker in the house on the small island

The hiker (Maester) will upgrade the Pokedex for Foreign Language Entries before he offers his German Magikarp:
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